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World Neighbours Canada Society was founded in Oliver, B.C. in 1989. Programs are currently active in three program areas: Nepal in Asia, Burkina Faso in Africa and Honduras and Guatemala, in Central America.

Celebrating Mothers

GRAY0662If you are wondering how to honour your mother this Mother’s Day, why not consider making a donation in her name to World Neighbours Canada and have your money go directly to support mothers not as fortunate as yours.

All our projects support some of the poorest women in areas of Nepal, Honduras and Burkina Faso and provide opportunities for women, and often mothers, to acquire skills that will allow them to earn a little money of their own, improve their health and better care for their children.Honduran Mother 05-30-2006

Should you wish to have a card sent to your mother as a memento of your gift, please send an email to the following address (bruce@worldneighbours.ca), along with your name, and the name and address of the recipient and a card will be mailed shortly. Information about making a donation is available on the website. www.worldneighbours.ca 

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Change in work for WNC director

posted by Judy Gray, with information from Laurena Rehbeinheadshot2

Laurena Rehbein, one of World Neighbours Canada’s directors, has recently announced some big news regarding her work.

“With great excitement, I am pleased to announce that I am embarking on a new adventure,” Laurena recently said in a news release. “As of April 11, I have stepped into a new role as a remote employee of a company named Automattic.”

For the last number of years, Laurena has been self-employed running her graphic design and web development business, Write this Down Freelancing. Her new position will be a very natural extension of that work, as it revolves around the open-source web-building software called WordPress, which is used to power approximately 25% of the world’s websites (including the World Neighbours Canada’s website, and most of the others built by Laurena over past years).

“My job title will be ‘Happiness Engineer’ and I will be part of an amazing team that provides user support to eCommerce clients with the WooCommerce plugin,” she said. “I’ve also had to dust off my passport, as there is a fair bit of travelling involved.”

Her new position is a remote position, meaning she will still be working from Oliver, and will still be occupying her office on Oliver’s Main Street.

Since last fall, Laurena has also been part of the South Okanagan WordPress Meetup group, which will still continue and is and looking for new members. This group is an informal get-together for anyone who uses WordPress – for personal use, as a business-person, or as a developer. The meetings are free, and happen once per month at the Oliver Bakery. (http://www.meetup.com/South-Okanagan-WordPress-Meetup/)

As always, her commitment to World Neighbours Canada (WNC) remains strong. As is the case for all of the board members, her position is completely volunteer – WNC has no paid staff and minimal overhead, meaning all of your donations can be used directly for the ongoing projects. Laurena’s primary role with WNC is to design and layout the twice-annual newsletters, as well as website maintenance.

Praise for Burkina Faso’s new government

posted by Judy Gray     article by Neven Mimica from theGuardian

A recent article by Neven Mimica, published in theGuardian praised the Burkinabé government for the peaceful way that transitions occurred after last November’s elections. Mimica adds that “the EU is confident in the future of Burkina Faso, even though we are aware of the high expectations in the country and of the regional challenges. Indeed, work needs to continue to consolidate stability, reconciliation and democratisation, in the context of the terrorist and extremist threat to the region.” As a result of the nature of the transition and the efforts of the new government, Mimica states that the “EU has committed around €623m (£481m) for the coming years: we will support governance, access to healthcare, water and sanitation, resilience and food security.”

To read the entire article, follow the link …

International Women’s Day in Honduras

posted by Judy Gray; with information from Vera Radyo 

Vera Radyo, Executive Director of the Kenoli Foundation, a Vancouver-based organization with which World Neighbours Canada works closely in Central America is currently in Honduras to visit project areas in that country. Vera is also a friend and supporter of World Neighbours Canada, and she is the co-chair of the BC Council for International Cooperation. Here are her comments about the situation in that country; especially important on International Women’s Day (March 8th), in light of the recent murder of Berta Caceres, a long-time indigenous human rights activist. image2

Vera writes: “I salute my sisters all around the world on this special day!  I am honoured to be in Honduras to share in the struggles of women here.

It is not an easy time here. As we arrived in the capital city, Tegucigalpa, it was raining heavily, so rare during this time of year that is known for its never ending sun. As we drove south into the dry corridor, we saw so many rivers dried out. Both are examples of extreme climate change.
However, what has shocked people in Honduras and worldwide, is the recent murder of Berta Caceres – an Indigenous Lenca woman, human rights and environmental activist.  She was opposing the lack of consultation with Indigenous people about a proposed dam on their lands. We met Berta a few years ago and she was friends with a couple of people on the Kenoli team.  Many think her death was politically motivated, to silence her and others like her.
We joined a women’s march and forum opposing violence against women.  We learned that in the last 5 years, there have been 5,500 women murdered in Honduras.  95% of murderers are never brought to justice in this country that has one of the highest murder rates in the world. image1

I was impressed with the courage and determination of the women at the forum.  They were not about to be silenced, nor do they want her death to be in vain.  They will not allow her death to be forgotten and become another statistic of unsolved murders. Continue reading

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