Get Involved

How to help:


World Neighbours Canada relies on volunteers for all of its activities. If you can help with any of the following things we would love to hear from you:

  • organizing visits to schools and clubs when we have guests from overseas.
  • helping with fundraising events, such as fasts in secondary schools.
  • copying letters, stuffing envelopes, putting on stamps, etc.

We also organize occasional study tours to the countries where we provide support. If you are interested let us know and we will tell you what is involved. We do not send volunteers overseas to work on our behalf.

Visit Our Program Areas

Our program directors occasionally travel to the program areas to oversee the project. If you are interested in being a program donor, you may be interested in coming along for a visit.

Please understand you will be expected to pay your own way. Remember, we have no paid staff and low, low overhead, so we are able to send 100% of your donation to be used where it matters most.


Because our overhead costs are very low, we send 100% of your donation to the field programs. (Our minimal administrative costs are covered by our directors.)

World Neighbours Canada Society was founded in B.C. in 1989, and currently supports village-based integrated development programs in Honduras, Nepal and Burkina Faso.

World Neighbours Canada is a non-sectarian organization. We are a federally registered Canadian charity (BN 89212 8646 RR 0001).

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