Nepal Election Results

The Election Commission has allotted the seats to political parties on the basis of the number of votes received by them under proportional electoral system. The final result of the seats (direct and proportional election) is as follows:

Political Parties  Direct  Proportional  Total
 Nepali Congress 105 91 196
 Nepal Communist Party (U.M.L.) 91 84 175
 Unified Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) 26 54 80
 Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Nepal 24 24
 Madhesi People’s Right Forum, Democratic 4 10 14
 Rastriya Prajatantra Party 3 10 13
 Terai Madhesh Democratic Party 4 7 11
 Madhesi People’s Right Forum, Nepal 2 8 10
 Sadabhabana Party 1 5 6
 Nepal Worker & Peasant Party 1 3 4
 Terai Madhesh Sadabhabana Party, Nepal 1 2 3
 Independent 2 2
 Other small 29 parties 7 37
 Total 240 335 575


The number of seats in Constituent Assembly is 601. The 26 seats/members will be nominated by the new cabinet. A simple majority (301) is needed to form a government. As no one has absolute majority, there will be formed a coalition government. Being the largest party, Nepali Congress will head the government with it Prime Minister, possibly coalition with Nepal Community Party (UML), the second largest party. The tussle has been now started over the issue of President. The current President belonged to Nepali Congress who was elected by previous constituent assembly. But the UML is demanding to elect new President as per the fresh mandate of people. As per the provision of current interim constitution, the term of President will be automatically expired after the promulgation of the Constitution. Nepali Congress is following this provision and not in way to change the new President. It is not mentioned anything in the interim constitution about the term of the President if the constituent assembly is dissolved with the constitution. The lawyers are making own opinions regarding no need to change and need to change the President on their own version.

It has showed that all the political parties are committed to promulgate new constitution before one year. In order to promulgate the new full-fledged constitution, two-third majority is required. The Moist is still claiming that there has been conspiracy at policy level, structure level & procedure level. A total 122 political parties had submitted a list of their candidates under proportional election. The Election Commission has allocated the seats to only 30 parties on the basis of votes they received. All political parties have to re-submitted the list as per seat allocation by one week. However, the Moist is saying not to submit their list as per the allocation and also not to take part in Constituent Assembly. However, the Moist has been flexible if the current constitution is revised with coalition system rather that majority system. However, the Nepali Congress and UML has already denied their demand. There is national and international pressure to the Maoist to take part. Let’s see what will happen.

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