Political confusion continues in Burkina Faso

by Judy Gray, with information from Charles Tankoano

I have received two emails recently from Charles Tankoano, coordinator of APDC, our partner NGO in Burkina Faso. A couple of days ago he mentioned that, though the coup was disrupting life in Ouagadougou, it was not affecting life in the rural areas like Fada, where the World Neighbours Canada project is centred. People were travelling on the roads a little less often and taking more care during the village visits. Today Charles is in Ouagadougou and had added more information which I have translated from French into English while keeping the intent of his message: ” I am at the moment in Ouagadougou but it is not easy, even in Fada, because of the nearby border with Togo (Togo’s president is a friend of President Blaise Compaore ~ the Burkinabe president ousted a year ago), and there has been an entry attempt by Togolese soldiers against Burkina. We pray to God that the situation quickly ends with medium damage (as little damage as possible).” Let us hope that Charles is right.

Here are links to two news reports with updated information:

BBC news       Reuters news


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