Nepal Political Update

Nine months after the Constituent Assembly elections and six months after Cabinet formation, the government has nominated 17 lawmakers in 26 vacant CA seats only on 30 August, 2014.

The 26 seats were allotted to different political parties as per their seats in CA. Eight of the nominees are from the Nepali Congress, eight from CPN-UML and one from the RPP-Nepal while the four seats allocated to the opposition UCPN (Maoist) and four others to fringe parties are yet to be filled. As per the mandate of CA, the new full-fledged constitution has to be promulgated by 22nd January 2015.

Most of the lawmakers have stressed on the need to deliver the new constitution within the stipulated time-frame either through consensus, if not through voting process. However, the major issues are yet to finalize no. of federal states, its naming and bordering as well as the executive power (Presidential or Pri-ministerial). At present, the executive power is vested to the Pri-minister.

There are still 33 political parties (including faction of Maoist and others) who lost and/or did not take part in the last CA election. Last week, the ruling government had called all-party national political conference to reach consensus on major issues including federalism, governance system and electoral system. However, the 33-party alliance boycotted the meeting in the last minute where participants from other parties waiting in conference room. The consensus has not yet reached on these thorny issues among the ruling parties as well. It is still suspicious that the new constitution be delivered by 22nd January, 2015.

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