Praise for Burkina Faso’s new government

posted by Judy Gray     article by Neven Mimica from theGuardian

A recent article by Neven Mimica, published in theGuardian praised the Burkinabé government for the peaceful way that transitions occurred after last November’s elections. Mimica adds that “the EU is confident in the future of Burkina Faso, even though we are aware of the high expectations in the country and of the regional challenges. Indeed, work needs to continue to consolidate stability, reconciliation and democratisation, in the context of the terrorist and extremist threat to the region.” As a result of the nature of the transition and the efforts of the new government, Mimica states that the “EU has committed around €623m (£481m) for the coming years: we will support governance, access to healthcare, water and sanitation, resilience and food security.”

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