Your dollars are in Nepal !

posted by Judy Gray, with information from Suresh Shrestha

Yesterday, we received an email from Suresh, letting us know that the initial installment of World Neighbours Canada relief funds had been received and that those monies were being used to buy canvas for tents. At first, Suresh mentioned that materials purchased had to be distributed by the local DDRC (District Disaster Relief Committee) as per Nepali government regulations.

However, this morning Suresh informed us that “the government has just changed the decision, that any organization can distribute themselves with prior approval from DDRC mentioning the type of support and the name of communities. Now we have just yesterday got the village level data of destruction and damage from DDRC. Our next plan is to distribute either tent or rice bag by TSS itself with the approval from DDRC on the basis of completely destroyed and more poor community. As we have limited money we are now thinking to support for rice bag through which we can support to more families, compared to tent supply. But there is still need of the tent by the victims, there is shortage of supply for the tent at present.”

To date, TSS has purchased 50 tents and will use the remaining money to purchase and distribute rice. Your support is clearly, MUCH appreciated, and we will continue to update you, our donors, as we receive information from Suresh.

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