Devastation re-visits Ramechhap

posted by Judy Gray; with information from Suresh Shrestha

Our latest communication from Suresh has provided details about the second earthquake in the Everest region of Nepal. Here is Suresh’ account of this latest devastation:

There has been another great shock of earthquake.
1st: 7.3 magnitude at 12.45 pm ~  epicenter Kodari Sindhupalchowk, surrounding district of Ramechhap.
2nd: 5.4 magnitude ~ again epicenter in Kodari.
3rd: 6.3 magnitude ~ epicenter in Ramechhap.
They are all within 2 hours of Ramechhap. We are all safe. I am in Ramechhap, my family are safe in Kathmandu.
This time our two guest houses have been badly damaged in TSS. Due to threat we are treating patients in front of hospital compound.There are already died 3 people, more injury and more damages of houses in Ramechhap.

The earthquake specialist were saying that the big earthquake (of) more than 5.0 magnitude will not come again and not to worry. But it happened again after 17 days. We are very upset.
More later, no electricity here.”

We will update you as we receive news from Suresh; and plan to send a second installment of funds in the near future.


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